About Mardo

Mardo van Heerden is a professional fashion photographer based in Pretoria, Gauteng. His unique artistic style has earned him acclaim as one of the most noted photographers in South Africa. Over the years he has worked with hundreds of new face models as well as professionals to create beautiful works of art in the commercial, editorial and fashion arena. As co-owner of the successful model agency Steele Model Studio www.steelemodels.com he has assisted in launching numerous new faces in the local and international modeling scene.

“I am so blessed to be able to practice as a full time photographer in the ever changing but beautiful South Africa. I have always loved this country and it’s people and my childhood was mostly spend  drawing different local characters and comic books. Photography has over the years become my medium to capture people and to showcase them at their finest from fashion shoots to editorials.  I always strive to capture within individual shoot windows. Every person has this – a moment in time where your perfect photos exist”.  – Mardo van Heerden